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            Welcome to GardenAdvice.co.uk - the Home of Great Gardening Experience.


            Come and look around our garden site! There's lots to see and good advice to make your garden grow with help on plants, colours, soils, seeds, flowers, shrubs, fruit and vegetables and a host of other subjects. We have competitions and special offers, you can browse our features, gardening news, calendar and top tips. You can learn from past projects and see how garden design can work for you.


            We will help you with problems and queries, or to achieve the looks, the sounds and the scents you want to personalise your own garden. Use the site to find recommended and approved suppliers for a large range of products.


            With advice and services from GardenAdvice.co.uk, gardeners from the very young to the most experienced will achieve gardening ambitions and enjoy their garden. Practical advice for real gardens comes from our team of expert, professional gardeners, all ready to help you achieve your gardening ambitions.


            GardenAdvice has been growing with help from the top professionals at horticultural organisations, Great British gardens and best plantsmen and nurseries. Their advice will be both creative and practical.



            Free Gardening Advice
            - You can request advice on any gardening project or problem you have in your garden, by either sending us an email at advisor@gardenadvice.co.uk or fill in the online form on our advisor page More


            Gardening courses for beginners - - if you are new to gardening it can all seem a bit complicated so the GardenAdvice team have developed a special course to help you get started. Our courses are combined with our MyGardenTeam service to provide you ongoing support in your garden More

            MyGardenTeam For Your Gardening Projects - ongoing advice - if you need advice over a few weeks with a long-term project you can always e-mail directly the person on our team who dealt with your original enquiry More

            Border Design Service - a service designed to help you create a border design or planting plan for your garden with the help of one of our designers. You simply e-mail to us a sketch plan of the area and the style of planting you are looking to achieve and we produce you a planting plan More

            Taking it to Another Level -  with lectures and short courses. Throughout the year we arrange a number of gardening lectures and short courses held around the UK. When you become a member you will receive an email every time an event is held in your area, plus watch for events on our members page on the web site More

            Expert Visit
            - If you need some expert advice and hands on help in your garden we will arrange to visit you at a time to suit you. Many of our members and viewers use this service to get themselves started on a new garden project such as building a new patio or pruning a climbing rose for the first time. Our expert will spend a couple of hours with you, leaving you confident to finish the project or gardening task More



            Become a member and enjoy your gardening to full advantage.


            MyGardenTeam Membership - £145 per year

            Garden Advice membership


            We hope you find the site interesting and fun. Enjoy!


            If you have any comments or find inaccuracies on the site please contact one of our administration team and tell us about it. We will do our utmost to make the appropriate alterations. admin@gardenadvice.co.uk.