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            Garden Tips

            "Roses grow best on heavy clay soils with lots of organic matter helping to keep the surface roots moist and wet!"

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            Every position in your garden has an ideal plant; the problem is if you are new to gardening finding that plant can be difficult. GardenAdvice.co.uk free advisor service can help with the right plant for that special spot in your garden right through to a complete border design.


            Wisteria   Propogating garden plants

            Propagating Garden Plants


            To grow wisteria successfully you need to recreate these conditions in the original planting and the yearly maintenance.



            Increase the number of plants in your garden simply by splitting the ones you have.

            Pruning garden plants

            Pruning Garden Plants


              Garden Law Garden Law

            The 'no panic' article on pruning gives a quick guide to the best pruning techniques.


            Find out which laws govern your garden.



            Some of our recent advice we provided free to viewers and members advisor@gardenadvice.co.uk _.





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