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            Gardenadvice MyGardenTeam Corporate membership

            Join your business at a GardenAdvice MyGardenTeam corporate member. Our Corporate membership is open to organizations and businesses with more than 12 employees or members.

            As part of a corporate membership your employees or members can enjoy the full benefits of the individual addition of the GardenAdvice MyGardenTeam service at 50 percent of the nornal cost plus your business will recieve the following benefits.

            GardenAdvice.co.uk Corporate Membership is £249 per annum after a 30 day free trial and is available to businesses and organizations with more the 12 employees ( GardenAdvice Corporate Membership is available worldwide )

            For further information on GardenAdvice.co.uk corporate membership please email us at corporateclub@gardenadvice.co.uk


            Listed below are the benefit your employees will gain the the MyGardenTeam service if they join as members using the 50 percent discount through your corporate membership.