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            Garden design How to - design gardens  
              Garden Design Garden Design   build a screen Build a Screen   soundbarrier Build a Soundbarrier

            Can't get Groundforce to do your garden design? then take our garden design course and do it yourself.


            Don't fences look ugly, but how do stop people throwing things into your garden, well you could grow a hedge as a screen. Here's how.


            Fed up with listening to those trains or is that bypass just yards from your house, some plants make great sound barriers - Here are the one's to choose.

              gardeners clothing Gardeners Clothing   rhododendron ponticum Rhododendron ponticum   soil preparation Soil Preparation

            Want to build yourself a lovely new garden but don't want to ruin your white suit. Take some suggestions about what to wear when you're gardening.


            Gardeners are often perplexed when landowners chop down or grub out rhododendron growing wild in woods and other habitats....


            What to do to prepare your soil for the plants you want in your garden.

                    Garden Lighting Garden Lighting      
                    Add an extra dimension to your garden with the GardenAdvice guide to garden lighting.      

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