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            How to create gardens
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              french drain French Drain   small patio Small Patio   mixing mortar Mixing Mortar

            Build a French drain in your garden where water collects so that it doesn't turn to a marsh.


            So you've made this beautiful garden and now you want to sit out in it, why not build a small patio so you can sit out in comfort.


            We show you how to mix your own cement without a cement mixer.

              retaining wall Build a Retaining Wall   Alpine bed Create an Alpine Bed   Lay decking Lay Decking

            Now you've mixed your own cement we show you how to make use of it by build a small retaining wall


            An alpine bed is an ideal project for a small garden.


            Building a single level decking area is a project that can be achieved in a weekend. Find out the best way to lay it.

              Build a pergola Build a Pergola   Patio garden Create a Patio garden   Ground cover planting Ground Cover Planting

            There are many reasons of building a pergola in your garden. In its simplest form it provides a focal point.


            As summer once again threatens to get into full swing it’s a good time to create a patio garden.


            Ground cover planting still as useful technique to prevent weeds and stabilizes soil on banks and slopes.

              Build a pergola Improve garden to sell your house      

            Selling your house? Landscaping or improving your garden can help sell your house.