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            Garden plants and shrubs how to - garden plants  
              english rose Garden Bulbs   climbers Climbers   Winter colour Get colour in winter

            creating colour all year round with garden bulbs


            What plants make good climbers and how best to use them.


            Hints and tips on which plants to use to get colour in your garden in winter.
            In association with GoodMorning TV.

              mistletoe Mistletoe   moving large shrubs Move Large Shrubs   Garden Bulbs for colour Garden bulbs for all Year Colour

            Christmas isn't the same without it, but why does it have such a mystery.
            We show how to grow it and explain some of the stories behind it.


            We show you the best ways to move those large awkward plants.


            Garden bulbs can be used to provide all year colour in your garden. The GardenAdvice team explain how to plan your bulb planting

              propagation Propogation
              Pruning Prune   Border effects Blue and White Borders

            Increase the number of plants in your garden simply by splitting the ones you have.


            The 'no panic' article on pruning gives a quick guide to the best pruning techniques.


            Gardening styles come and go them seem to come back again. We show you how to create blue and white borders.

              Controlling weeds Common weed control   Wisteria Wisteria   Growing Dahlias Growing dahlias

            Some weeds can be a real problem in the garden. The GardenAdvice team explain how to deal with the 3 most difficult.


            To grow wisteria successfully you need to recreate these conditions in the original planting and the yearly maintenance.




            gives us an overview of how to grow dahlias, and a more detailed explanation in the information sheet.

              Removing knotweed Removing Knotweed   Monkshood Monkshood   Propagating by softwood cuttings Propagate softwood cuttings

            Knotweed is one of the hardest weeds to remove from a garden. The GardenAdvice team explain how to do it.


            Read about the plant that can kill the unwary.


            We explain how to propagate garden shrubs by softwood cuttings.

                    Trimming hedges Trimming Hedges     Garden plants -English Rose

            If you are considering planting any form of hedge you will undoubtedly have the requirement for it establish itself quickly to meet its given objective.

              One of the most popular garden plants, here you can find out why. Tips on selection and caring for roses.

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