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            How to build a water garden, use gardening tools... gardenadvice - how to  
              Container gardens Container Gardens   design a garden Design a Garden   garden diseases Garden Diseases

            Our section on container gardens shows you how to make hanging basket or a window box and how to look after them.


            Take our garden design course of learn how to put up a screen or a sound barrier.


            Our expert on pests and diseases writes about the most common diseases to afflict your plants, and how to treat them.

              build a garden Build a Garden   grow garden plants Grow Garden Plants   greenhouse Make a Greenhouse

            Learn how to mix concrete without a mixer, and build a wall or a small patio. We also show you how to make a drain if your garden holds too much water.


            We explain some of the most popular garden plants and how to look after them.


            How to build a greenhouse and make the most of the one you have got.

              houseplants Grow Houseplants   lawns Look after a Lawn   gardening tools Use Gardening Tools

            We explain the characteristics of the most common house plants and how to keep them alive once you have bought them.


            How to plant a new lawn or rescue your old one.


            Need to know the best tools for a job, look no further than our comprehensive section on gardening tools.

              organic gardening Organic Gardening
              pest control Pest Control   garden trees Garden Trees

            How to make an organic garden and how to keep the pest out the 'friendly' way.


            Our pests and diseases expert writes about the best method to get rid of common garden pests.


            Learn to know an Ash from a Yew tree and how to make sure the trees in your garden are healthy.

              fruit gardens Fruit Gardens   water gardens Make Water Gardens   wild flowers Wild Flowers

            Learn to look after your fruit plants and get better crops.


            Build water features like Charlie Dimmock.


            The RSPB write about wild flowers and how to look after the ones in your garden.


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