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            "Roses grow best on heavy clay soils with lots of organic matter helping to keep the surface roots moist and wet!"

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            Turf - Lawn turf the quickest way to create a lawn

            Creating a lawn from turf is faster than grass seed and less work than from seed but there are a number of key points in creating a lawn from turf that can make the project a success or expensive failure.
            Using turf or lawn turf is in simple terms a lawn grown in one location then lifted by cutting into small strips about 20mm thick and rolled up so that it can be transported to another location to form a new lawn.
            To create a lawn from turf requires the same preparation as from seed although one advantage with turf is that if your soil is a clay loam or very lumpy and you cannot create a finely tilthed seed bed suitable for seeding, turfing the area will often over come this problem as it allows you to get away with a slightly less prepared area.

            When selecting a good quality turf to create a new lawn these are the key points to consider
            Grass species within the turf sward

            weeds and weed grasses in the turf

            Soil type in the turf

            Transportation time

            Lenght of time the turf has been established or growing before sale

            Fungal diseases

            Laying the lawn -

            Preparation in everything as you new lawn might well be around for 50 years so a few addintional hours spent in the preparation stage can stand you in goog stead for years to come.

            Undoutably the first key to creating a good lawn is drainage as a poorly drained area will limit the use of the lawn and restrict the depth of rooting which means in a hot summer or drough conditions your lawn will quickly loss its colour and be slow to recover when it does rain returns.







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