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            Garden Advice - organic gardening guide  
              about organic gardens Bokashi Composting   calander Calendar   composting Composting

            Bokashi composting learn about the benefits to the enviroment and your garden.


            Our Vegetable gardening calendar. Keeps you up to date with the jobs you need to do every week.


            Compost can be the best 'miricle grow' for your garden, and it cuts down on waste too.

              crops guide Crops Guide   featured garden Featured Garden   get started Get Started

            Our user guide to the best in organic crops.


            Here we feature a new organic garden each month.


            Want to know how to get started in organic gardening, we give you a step by step guide.

              pest control Pests   plan an organic garden Plan   organic recipies Recipies

            Look up your pests and find the solutions.


            Plan an organic garden with our easy to use guide.


            Organic food recipies brought to you by our own organic chef.


              about organic gardens Coldframes and cloches   calander Hotbeds   composting Seed sowing

            Learn coldframes and cloches.


            Learn how to grow early season crops.


            Sowing seed correctly can save time and money .

              crops guide Soil preparation   featured garden Soil test   get started About Organic Gardens

            Learn how to create the perfect seed bed .


            Find out why soil tests are so important for growing crops.


            Learn about organic gardening and the benefits it can have to you and the environment.




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