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            How to - water gardens
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              water lilies Water Lilies   oriental water gardens Oriental Water Gardens   Water feature - Planning Water Garden - Planning

            Make the most of that dirty old pond at the bottom of your garden.


            Learn about water gardens built by people who never heard of Charlie Dimmock.


            Want your own water garden or pond? Find out what you need to consider before you take the plunge.

              algae and greenwater Algae and Greenwater   preparing water gardens Repairing a Pond   maintaining water gardens Maintaining

            Find out how to control the algae and greenwater in your pond.


            When your pond springs a leak, find out how to prepare the pond before replacing the lining.


            Learn how to keep the quality of the water in your pool by having a good balance of plants in it.

              types of pond life Types of Pond Life   constructing a pond Constructing a Pond   Child friendly water feature Child friendly water feature

            Find out about different types of wildlife you can find in a garden pond.


            Find out how to construct a pond that will attract the kind of wildlife you want in your garden.


            Find out how to construct a child friendly water feature in your garden.