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            Wildflower garden - animals and wildlife How to - wildflower gardens  
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            Feeding wild bird in your garden this autumn and winter could help them through bad weather conditions in the harshest part of the winter.


            All the rules of wildlife gardening can be summarized in two bits of advice to bring the biggest range of wildlife into your garden. The RSPB explain them.


            Hedges and shrubberies can be brilliant for wildlife and the RSPB explain how best to use them.

              Wildlife lawns Wildlife Lawns   Woodland gardens Woodland Gardens   Wildlife water gardens Wildlife Water Gardens

            If you have a wildflower meadow or lawn, this provides a great wildlife habitat. The RSPB explain.


            Trees are an absolute ‘must’ for the wildlife garden. The RSPB tell you the best ones to use.


            The addition of permanent water to the garden adds instant wildlife value. The RSPB give tips on how to do it.

              Wildlife garden animals Wildlife Garden Animals   Feed garden animals Feed Garden Animals   Wildlife water gardens Wildflower Meadow

            The RSPB explain which animals are attracted to different parts of your wildlife garden.


            The RSPB explain how best to feed the animals in your garden and where to put your nests.

              Meadow mixes are made up of fine grasses and flowers that bloom in their second year. The best sowing times are early Spring, or late Summer to Autumn.
              Wildflower Meadow Nesting Garden birds   Create wildlife gardens Whale watching   Wildlife hedges  
              Learn about nesting birds in your garden and how to site bird boxes  

            Read about whale watching in Newfoundland



              Wildlife lawns     Woodland gardens     Wildlife water gardens  






              Wildlife garden animals     Feed garden animals     Wildlife water gardens