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            Clive Nichols

            Award winning garden photographer gives his hints and tips on how best to photograph the plants and flowers in your garden. Read the article


            Meet GardenAdvice.co.ok newest member !!

            Orlando- a healer from the rain forests of Peru. Read about the history of The Lamista Tribe and how they use plants for healing and spiritual rituals. This is the first in a series of articles produced by Orlando and the GardenAdvice.co.uk research team based in Peru.


            Learn about the rainforest

            Learn about the plants

            Learn about the trees

            Learn about the animals


            Other GardenAdvice Media

            GardenAdvice broadband Internet Television

            Back in 2002 GardenAdvice.co.uk launched an Internet Gardening Station, starting with a 20 minute program broadcasting to the viewer on demand using a QuickTime player.

            The aim of the programs is to show you how to create many of the gardening projects you see with in the GardenAdvice.co.uk site.

            GardenAdvice radio On Demand

            On the 30th June 2002 the GardenAdvice.co.uk team launched a new radio on demand radio station.

            This will feature many interviews and commentary from the gardening world. It will be available to listen to on demand by using a QuickTime player which is free and can be downloaded from apple.com



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