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            Downloadable Online Gardening video's for quicktime and window media player.

            Garden Project Renovating old lawns

            How to start renovating an old lawn full of moss and weeds. Click on the video links below to download.


            Garden Project How To Create a Wildflower Meadow
            Our expert gardeners take you through the first stages in designing and creating a wildflower meadow for you garden. Downloadable program

            Gardeners Questions Members Questions
            Questions from our members on a range of topical subjects. Downloadable program
            Coming soon
            Quicktime player   Windows media player

            Garden Design Designing for Traffic Noise
            New series designed to be combined with our free garden design course aimed at helping you to design and create your own garden with the help of our experts. Downloadable program

            How to..... New Downloadable Guides........
            Creating an Alpine Trough
            Quicktime player   Windows media player
            Softwood Stem Cuttings
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