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            "Roses grow best on heavy clay soils with lots of organic matter helping to keep the surface roots moist/ wet!"

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            Planting for Pergolas


            The advantage of creating a pergola in your garden is that it offers a great position to grow climbing and wall shrubs that naturally benefit from sunny exposed position.

            When planning a pergola you should allow enough space to enable you to use the area after the plants have established themselves. For example, growing wisteria on a pergola will effectively lower the height by 100 to 250mm making it important that you allow for this in the design and construction.

            With most climbers the key is often in the planting and soil preparation. Most benefit from the use of organic matter being incorporated into the planting pit. This can take the form of garden compost, peat, or mushroom compost for plants that require a slightly alkaline soil.

            Some ideal plants for pergolas are :-

            Actinidia kolomikta - The most popular species is grown for its colourful leaves, while others are planted for their floral display or edible fruit. When using fruiting types, plant both a male and a female specimen.
            Akebia quinata - A vigorous twiner which will quite quickly cover a dead tree or south-facing wall. Loads of small blooms appear in springtime.

            Fremontodendron californicum - summer flowering evergreen shrubs with yellow flowers from July to September.

            1. Clematis Armandii - evergreen clematis white flowers in the summer with glossy leaves all year around.
            2. Campsis grandiflora - this self-clinging climber is grown for its trumpet-like flowers, which are borne in clusters.
            3. Wisteria - traditional climbing plant flowers in late spring early summer.


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